#WCW - Kasey Rainbow.

#WCW - Kasey Rainbow.

The internet is a funny place. For every cat video, there’s a troll. For every helpful makeup tutorial there’s a something unhelpful. But, every now and then you come across someone who makes your heart sing. To celebrate all the beautiful, badass ladies we love to stalk online we’re going to start doing a weekly #WOMANCRUSHWEDNESDAY where we chat to a rad babe.

First up, is the literal light of my instagram life - Kasey Rainbow. In honour of PANDA Awareness Week, Kasey is slinging chuffing awesome merch so read this blog, follow her on instagram and get shopping!

Caitlin: So, gimme the twenty five words or less story of you!

Kasey: Shit, okay. I’m a mum of one who lost her complete sense of self after having her daughter. I battled my way through PND on a journey of self discovery and have come out brighter than ever on the other side.

C: How old is your little girl now?

K: She turned 3 in October.

C: Ah the infamous threenager!

K: Oh god. It’s an actual thing.

C: Did you have an AHA moment where you realised you were experiencing PND or was it more subtle than that?

K: I have suffered from bouts of depression since I was 18, so I kind of expected to get PND. So I knew what signs to look for. The tiredness, lack of motivation and sense of no enjoyment. But my biggest tell tale sign is not wanting to get out of bed. And when you have a 3 month old, that’s not an option. So that’s when I knew I had to do something.

C: I found my history of depression equipped me similarly to recognise the signs but I was still floored by it. So you knew what to do and you did it? Or it's never really as simple as that is it!

K: Umm I was still floored by it I think, because it wasn’t normal depression. PND has a whole new element. You have to take into consideration a tiny human that relies on you. But I knew the medication wasn’t enough (I’ve been on meds since 18) so I went to see my GP straight away.

C: It's pretty terrifying! But so good that you were able to identify it. It seems that's a big pitfall for a lot of women - they think it's normal to feel that way and that they need to push through.

K: Yeah, I actually feel awful for women who go through PND without having any prior knowledge of depression and what it can be like. I remember having some pretty terrifying thoughts when I was at my darkest point, but was kind of able to reassure myself as I knew it wasn’t really me. But to a woman with no prior exposure, those thoughts would be horrendous!

C: What advice would you give to yourself back then, if you had a time machine and nowhere more exciting to go?

K: Hmmm I don’t think I would to be honest. I’m a big believer in letting things happen. This is how I learn and grow. If I were to go back now and tell myself something, it could alter everything I do from that moment on. And if I did that, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Wiser, stronger and more in love with my daughter than ever.

C: That's an amazing answer! And I totally agree with you too, I think. Well done. I've always found that, even at my most healthy, mental health is a conversation I have to have with myself daily. Is there anything you do regularly to check in and keep on top of things?

K: To be honest, no. But I should. I mean, I take my meds every morning, so really, I should use that as a reminder to do a little pep talk! But, like everyone, life happens. And you have others to care for. So unfortunately self care takes a back seat. When really, it should be driving the damn car!

C: I'd get in that car for sure! Your babe is still little but do you have any ideas about how you'll chat mental health with her?

K: That is exactly the reason I wrote my kids book! I wrote it for her as a way of gently introducing the notion of mental health, in a very kid friendly way of course!

C: You must send me one. It sounds delightful and so important. So we're celebrating PANDA week and you've made some rad merch to raise some funds for them - tell me about the merch and the idea and also why RAINBOW BOOBS which is an 11/10 idea

K: When I became a mum, I was under the impression that breastfeeding would be beautiful. But, in reality, it turned out to be the thing the broke me and started my journey into the darkness that is PND. So, during PANDA Awareness Week I will be selling LADY RAiNBOW singlets, shirts and tote bags. She represents a beacon of light, of love and of happiness in the darkest of times. $5 from each LADY sold will be donated to PANDA to help women like me find their light. I will also be doing 20% off my BIG LOVE books, of which 30% is also donated to PANDA. This book was released earlier this year and I only have limited stock left.

C: Lady Rainbow sounds like the best friend every gal needs. I love her already. You're such a talented artist, and did beautiful portraits for the PITN gals which we adore - but it's your side hustle right?

K: It is! So, in between parenting, drawing and designing I also have a part time job in a small marketing firm.

C: So, you're just a creative badass babe doing it in your free (LOL) time! Your Instagram is one of my fave internet destinations - it seems like you have a really lovely community there. What's one cool thing about you that your internet family might not know?

K: I collect toys! I literally have a toy cabinet that my daughter isn’t allowed to touch. Mean mum much?

C: HA! Okay, that’s a good one. Let it be known internet! As for your lovely following - do you find it as nice a place as it seems?

K: I really do! I am the first person to admit that social media can be quite toxic for my mental health. And sometimes I even question what the hell I’m doing on there. But then I think of my little community and remember why. I have met, connected and been inspired by so many amazing women all through instagram. So for that, I am so grateful. Like you gals.

C: The internet love is mutual! You're our very first #WCW and this chat has just reinforced the crush! Thank you for being such an open and powerful force. Can't wait to see and do more Kasey Rainbow!

K: Oh thank you so much for having me! I’m honoured.

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