#WCW - Peach-It

#WCW - Peach-It

It’s Wednesday again, mother lovers! And that means another fantastic edition of #WCW. This week we're chatting to the divine creature, Menae, from Peach-It and Darling x Two. If you don’t follow these two accounts RUN DON’T WALK to your phone to hit follow right now. These two stores are what your pastel coloured dreams are made of.

- Tell us about Peach it and Darling x Two - the instagram accounts of my dreams but also amazing shops!

Well, Darling x Two was born out of loving everything small biz & wanting to create a little haven of our own! Peach-It was formed after not being able to find accessories we loved and also to be on the other side of the business - wholesale!

- How do you find the juggle of business?

There is no such thing as work life balance. Accepting that life is all about different seasons, some require more of you than others. When you're building a brand or something you're passionate about, you're required to be all in for a period of time!

- Is there one thing you do to reset if you feel like one side of your life is taking over the other? 

Sit outside, feel the breeze on my face and take some deep breathes. Oh, and communication is huge for me!!! Communicate with the people closest to me about where I'm at... Process it and move on. Otherwise i'd be a total psychopath haha (but seriously).

- What's your instagram community like? It seems like a lovely place!

For reals, they're just so lovely and kind. SO supportive of us too! They keep us on our toes as our thing is to ALWAYS respond to customers queries. Treat your socials like your friends are asking something and they'll share the love back. Hopefully. 

- Being a lady on the internet is sometimes tough, how do you keep yourself sane while needing to run your business there? 

I think just knowing when enough is enough... LOL! Who am I kidding, I'm completely addicted. Although in saying that, I don't really compare myself to 'insta perfections'... Like bodies or money or other peoples lives. There are a million things I would change about myself but I just love social media as a tool to spur me on to be happy within myself - other people's successes can actually just make you more determined within your own mind, not always feel down about where you're at. Switch it!

- I've found that being a biz on insta introduces you to so many other ladies doing the same thing - have you formed any amazing relationships? 

My goodness Instagram is amazing for connecting other women in business - we have developed some of the most solid friendships both in small business and alike. Small business can be very competitive at times so it's a great tool to also chat with people and let them know business and life isn't always as pretty as our insta pics. You need people to share reality with although I don't always think it's smart on a business level to let people know of all the downsides, you still have a brand to protect!

- What's one thing your internet family might not know about you? 

Honestly? I've been trying to fall pregnant for 5 years. It's not always easy but I tell ya what, I know I'll hold a bub in my arms one day - when the timing is perfect! Sorry it's not a very happy one haha but this audience is full of mumma's and you all get it!

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